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Our vision is to create opportunities in and around the Doncaster area, that can act as a context for meeting the broad range of physical, intellectual, emotional, social, and spiritual needs within local communities.

We are keen to work with strategic partners by developing closer relationships, joined up thinking, and a shared vision for the local community in Doncaster.

If you would like to work with us, please complete our Partner Enquiry form.


Our Projects…


The importance of mental health and wellbeing is often underestimated in today’s fast paced life. At Manna we believe that everyone should have access to counselling when they need it.

Pop-Up Cafe

The Manna Pop-up Café is a flexible space designed specifically to support the diverse needs of the local community in areas around Doncaster.

Manna Packs

Manna Packs are one of the ways we like to bless others, be it on a large corporate scale, or an individual basis. Tailor made to either meet specific needs of an individual, or to encourage and support a group.


Supporting each other through bereavement. Including Soup and a roll, this is an opportunity to talk and relate over lunch, in a relaxing and comforting environment.


Manna Café

Every Friday during school term time

The Manna Pop-Up Café is a great place to meet friends, enjoy a drink, light lunch or cake, and spend time chatting in a relaxed, welcoming atmosphere. Whether you come alone, or bring people with you, we would love to see you and get to know you.

Manna Lounge

Evenings throughout the year
7pm onwards

Here is the opportunity for people to meet in an informal, family setting around food and drink, with a relaxed atmosphere for chilled out discussion and developing friendships.


Social Sundays

Every Second Sunday of the month
1pm onwards

Here we all join together in either a home, the Café space, or an outdoor location, around food. The point of Social Sundays is to grow as a community, and may even sometimes be an activity we enjoy together, like a walk or picnic.

Sanctuary Sundays

Every Fourth Sunday of the month
1pm onwards

These Sundays are the place where different expressions of prayer and worship are explored, and where we study key topics together. A space for reflection and discussion, while sharing food with friends.