Anti-Bullying and Behaviour Management Policies

Anti-Bullying Policy

Statement of Intent:

At Manna Community CIC we believe all people should be treated fairly and with kindness. We aim to work with people in settings that are nurturing and safe, so they feel at ease.

We are against all forms of bullying, and should any incidents occur of this nature we intend to deal with them quickly and appropriately. We expect all incidents to be reported to our team, so the correct action can be taken.

We believe all incidents should be treated delicately and in complete confidence.


Why is it important to respond to Bullying?

Bullying can be incredibly damaging, and we don’t believe anyone should have to face it. We feel that all individuals deserve respect and consideration.

We understand that it is our responsibility to handle any form of bullying with the appropriate action, not just for the benefit of those affected, but of those who may be responsible.



This document is in place so that any individual involved with Manna Community CIC can refer to this policy and feel secure. Bullying is a serious matter, and we will not accept this behaviour among our teams, or with anyone who comes into contact with us.


What is Bullying?

Bullying is acting with aggression towards another person with the intention of hurting them physically, emotionally or mentally, resulting in pain and suffering for the victim. These actions may be made by an individual or by a group. Those affected can feel threatened and very distressed.

  • Physical – Violent physical contact such as hitting, pushing, kicking.
  • Verbal – Words used in order to hurt a person, threats, name calling, false accusations and sarcastic comments.
  • Cyber – Similar to verbal but taking place via online platforms or phones.
  • Racist – Specific attacks concerning a person’s race.
  • Sexual – Verbal or physical, unwanted contact or comments.
  • Homophobic – Specific attacks concerning a person’s sexuality
  • Indirect – Defamation of character, comments made about an individual but not directly to them, aimed at their peers in order to slur them.


Possible signs and symptoms of bullying:

There are often signs to show a person is being bullied, and our team should be aware of these in order to take appropriate action where necessary.

A person may display any of the following which are a cause of concern:

  • They appear anxious when asked to leave their home
  • They do not wish to travel alone, and ask to be accompanied
  • They become withdrawn, and do not appear to be their usual self
  • They change their usual routine
  • They go missing, or threatens to self harm/ commit suicide
  • Their possessions go missing or appear damaged
  • They suddenly do not have money, or ask for money
  • They become aggressive themselves
  • They do not wish to explain what is wrong and are fearful of sharing details
  • They appear nervous when they receive phone calls or messages.

If any of these indicators are shown, Manna Community CIC will investigate bullying as a cause.


Procedures to be followed:

All incidents should be reported to members of the team, and treated with complete confidence.

All reports will be taken seriously and appropriate parties involved i.e. Police

Events will be investigated and those responsible for bullying will be stopped as quickly as possible.

We will attempt to deal with the bully in such a way that their behaviour is changed, and the cause of their behaviour addressed.



We will encourage the bully to discuss their behaviour, and an genuine apology will be sought from them.

We will do all we can to reconcile those involved, in order to repair relationships.

We will continue to monitor those involved, to ensure that once dealt with, no further issues arise or acts of bullying occur.



Manna Community CIC aims to prevent bullying in all its forms, by:

  • Establishing boundaries.
  • Implementing key guidelines and rules within our projects.
  • Working closely with our teams to ensure all those working for and with us show appropriate behaviour towards others.
  • Encouraging kindness and compassion by leading by example
  • Discussing this policy at team meetings to reiterate our stance on bullying in all forms.


Behaviour Management Policy

Manna Community CIC encourages a supportive and nurturing environment across our projects, to foster compassion and kindness in all areas of our work. We aim to meet a broad range of needs of various individuals and groups, and in turn inspire them to treat others as they wish to be treated.

We will deal with unwanted behaviour calmly and appropriately, with consistency across our projects.

We define unwanted behaviour as:

  • Damage to equipment
  • Damage to buildings
  • Unacceptable behaviour towards others
  • Putting themselves and/or others in danger
  • Bullying
  • Fighting
  • Verbal abuse

Our methods to manage unwanted behaviour are as follows:

Stage 1

Calm verbal response.

Stage 2

Explanation of why behaviour is deemed unacceptable.

Stage 3

Offer opportunity for individual to explain their behaviour, and listen to what they have to say.

Stage 4

Do not give too much attention to mildly unwanted behaviour in order to minimise effects, and discourage further unwanted behaviour.

Stage 5

If necessary remove individual temporarily to calm down.

Stage 6

If behaviour shows no improvement contact appropriate guardian asking them to collect their young person, or in adult cases ask them to leave premises.

Stage 7

Discuss matter further with guardian if appropriate and work with individual to establish cause of behaviour


When dealing with unwanted behaviour, we will never:

  • Use physical punishment
  • Raise our voices or use inappropriate language
  • Cause damage to a person’s self esteem


By engaging in any Project, Service or Activity with Manna Community CIC you indicate your acceptance of this policy.

Manna Community CIC will review this policy every 5 years.