Day 2


An extract from the novel ‘Eve’ by Wm. Paul Young. Take a moment to read this, and let your imagination explore the sights, sounds and scents that it describes.

‘Eden is the grand delight, the deepest and the truest. There will come an age when this garden will encompass all creation and all dimensions.

Gigantic sentinels of flame like multi-coloured, raging bonfires had stationed themselves precisely around the plateau’s perimeter. Within the border established by these pyres, rank upon rank now closed; spirit beings positioning themselves with choreographed exactness. Beyond that boundary, emerging as if from ground and sky and tree, came all manner of soulish beast and hominid and bird. Beyond these there gathered multitudes of creeping things: the amphibian and insect, the reptile, the seen and the unseen. And in the ocean, leagues away, were all attentive. The universe had paused from all its effort, from simple chores of motion and daily rigors, to pay rapt and worshipful devotion.

As night descended, a myriad of elegant, flashing lights in wildly mottled colours became distinct and obvious. Waves of countless nimble beings arrayed in spectrum-brilliant shades gathered in the skies. The assembly grew, as did anticipation. The entire cosmos drew together, here in this place at this appointed time. It was an unhurried but resolute inhalation, initiating labour.

Music wove like threads into a living, scented tapestry. The strings of myrrh and sandalwood, the horns of frankincense and fruits, woodwinds breathing hyacinth, pine, lilac, lavender, and honeysuckle, the rhythmic beats of cinnamon and clove, turmeric and ginger. Even the distant stars joined in with songs as all creation paused.

Once gathered, they did not wait long, for a doorway majestically opened within the wall of Eden. Intense radiance tumbled out. Everything else bowed, face to the ground in awe-full, joy-filled adoration.

It was a whirlwind of blazing sardius reds, with living emerald greens, set in the brilliance of spinning jasper, coalescing until from its centre, a single parsonage emerged. A human being. Eternal man, who is everlasting God, Adonai. Eternal man seemed to dance, dressed in white robes of light. A humble crown of vines encircled His head.’