Day 3

Created and Loved

Here is another extract from the novel ‘Eve’ which is an interpretation of the creation of man. I find it really helps me think about how God creates us uniquely, with specific attributes that He intends for us. (Psalm 139 is one of my favourites because of this). After becoming a mother, and witnessing my child grow from being invisible to the human eye, to now being 5 months old with her own unique ever-growing personality, the miracle of life is even more real to me.

I also love the last part of this extract which suggests how Adam’s life in Eden was full of joy for God and his surroundings, as he took everything in for the first time.


Eternal Man knelt upon the ground, and with His hands, began to gather into one place a pile of reddish-brown dust. His demeanour was intensely focused and brimming with unbridled joy. Then He sat down and gathered the dust between His legs. A gentle breeze arose, toyed with His hair, and helped Him to collect his treasure. Man and wind were careful and seemed to make sure that not a single mote was lost, but all included and essential.

From inside out, this mound of dirt now bubbled up bloodred water, gushing from an unseen aquifer, Adonai sang into it and then with tears and laughter plunged His hands into the holy mess with a shout. The labour was nearly finished.

The attending Wind and Energy that tumbled through the wall gathered around the Man. The three formed a single face that leaned to kiss the child, but it was more than the touch of lips on lips. It was the breathing in of life, and with that breath, the fragile infant became a living soul.

“This being requires no proof to love. They are bone of my bone, flesh of my flesh, and for them my everlasting Love and affection will never be diminished or darkened. They cannot drift into unworthiness.”


A young man emerged from the forest, slim and tall, ebony skinned with a deep tinge of dark brown red, and thick black hair matted with clay. He was striking, even more so as he danced and jumped his way through the trees, singing at the top of his voice. He was clothed in light. Adam had no need of any covering other than God’s love.