Reflection activity:

Choose a quiet space, take a piece of soft fruit, and break it apart with your hands. Take notice of the structure, the colour, the smell and the sound. Taste a piece, and imagine you are experiencing this taste for the very first time. How amazing is this creation? Now think about the world around you. Open a window and listen to the world outside. Try to notice the natural things, the birds, the leaves on the trees, the sky and the clouds. Be aware of all these things and rest for a few moments.


Feel free to download this folder of Images and use them as visual aids while listening to some music. Take in the details and also the wider view of each image, and think about the different things that make them beautiful


Have a listen to the songs below, and meditate on the words chosen.

Do you have questions? Or want to share what has stood out to you during this reflection journey? Get in touch below, we'd love to hear from you.

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