The Manna Timeline


May 2014 - Manna Community CIC is founded

Formed on 1st May 2014, Manna Community CIC is all about supporting people on life’s journey. Our vision is to create opportunities in and around the Doncaster area, that can act as a context for meeting the broad range of physical, intellectual, emotional, social, and spiritual needs within local communities.

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The First Light Up Doncaster

December 2014 - Light Up Doncaster

Manna Community projected a series of static images onto the east side of Doncaster Minster, during the 2014 advent season. Doncaster Minster, is one of Doncaster’s most well known landmarks. Around 30,000 vehicles per day, pass the Minster in each direction. The projection took place between 4pm and 8pm, on Friday 19th, Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st December 2014.

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The Sand House Project

2015 - Supporting The Sand House Project

Manna Community believes that a vital part of any community is maintaining links with its heritage. Heritage is much more than just historic buildings and monuments. It includes cultures & memories, landscapes & nature, and anything that makes an area unique and worth celebrating. Heritage is what gives us our sense of belonging and pride in where we live. The Sand House Experience is an ideal way to celebrate our town’s heritage.

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Manna Packs Born

April 2016 - First Manna Packs Given Out

Our mission at Manna Community is to support people on life’s journey. We do this in many ways through the various projects we run, one of which is the giving of Manna Packs. Some packs are given to large groups at events, simply as a gift containing items to bless and support people, and some are tailor produced for individuals, to meet a specific need.

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The Beginning of Manna Counselling

Summer 2016 - Manna Counselling Service Launched

The importance of mental health and wellbeing is often underestimated in today’s fast paced life. At Manna we are committed to supporting people on life’s journey, and believe that everyone should have access to counselling when they need it.

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Pop-Up Cafe Launched

September 2016 - The Manna Pop-Up Cafe Opens

At the heart of the Manna Pop-up Café is a flexible space designed specifically to support the diverse needs of the local community in areas around Doncaster. The Café first launched on Friday 9th September 2016, and sought to provide a context for connections between local organisations and local residents. Those involved include the local Church, Education, Civic and Business leaders who we are proud to work alongside.

Community Pastors

November 2016 - Community Pastors Project

At Manna Community, we believe people deserve to feel valued and listened to. Part of our ministry involved this 1 year project, the main purpose of which was to connect with people on a personal level, offering support, advice and encouragement.

Life Stories @ Lunch Launched

February 2017 - Life Stories @ Lunch Launched

Join us for a light lunch at these FREE events, and enjoy an inspired hour with a special guest! There’s a chance to meet our guests and to ask questions. Our events are also streamed live to thousands of people online!

Memento Launched

September 2017 - Memento Launched

Here at Manna we understand how bereavement can affect people in so many different ways. This is why we launched Memento Bereavement Support, a specially dedicated time including lunch, to give an opportunity to connect and chat in a warm and comforting environment.

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Manna Meet-Ups

January 2018 - Manna Meet-Ups

As a community we felt the need to gather more, and create spaces in which we could get to know one another, laugh together, and learn more about our place in the world. Our meet-ups give that opportunity, and happen regularly throughout the month.

The Well

January 2018 - The Well Bentley

Manna signs legal handover documents, to formally begin working in partnership with DMBC and other key community stakeholders, to re-purpose the former Bentley Training Site. The vision is to create an innovative community hub, known as The Well.

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December 2018 - Promoting Bentley using “Bentley is Great” (#bentleyisgreat)

Bentley is Great is a new initiative, launched in December 2018, and is managed by Manna Community CIC supported by our partners. Inspired by the ‘Doncaster is Great’ idea, we shout about everything that’s great about Bentley, and we also re-Tweet the hashtag #bentleyisgreat to a Facebook page

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Bentley Pavilion

February 2019 - Bentley Pavilion

With a focus on families and communities, we will provide a range of support; services, events and projects based around four community themes. These themes are hospitality, health, heritage and hope. Following on from our 6 month community engagement consultation, our business plan is fully reflective of community need. We will include the Park area and surrounding Bentley assets within our long term planning and involve every dimension reflected within the Bentley community in a cohesive and immersive way.

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