Time Out

time_out_logoModern life places families, and women in particular under many different stresses. ‘Time Out’ is about supporting women in the community and creating opportunities for women to become actively involved in community life through small relationship groups and networking.

The family has a vital role in all we hope to achieve together. Relationships are the foundation on which our families, communities and society are built and strengthened. True regeneration and transformation takes place at community level through the development of sustainable neighbourhoods and relationships.

‘Time Out’ aims to:

  • Support women in the local community
  • Create a ‘village like structure’ in the local community
  • Recognise the specific needs and roles of women in the community
  • Recognise the critical role of women in the family
  • Resource and equip women with new skills and opportunities
  • Provide a forum for quality and supportive relationships to grow and develop

Why was Time Out formed?

teapot_row_old“When I was growing up, I used to spend many school holidays and happy weekends in a beautiful village in Nottinghamshire called East Bridgford. In the village, on Main Street was a row of houses called Teapot Row. It was so named because every day, a teapot full of tea would make it’s way down the Row and supply refreshment for the women in the midst of their busy housework filled days. I have always loved the concept of Teapot Row. The communal sharing, the neighbourliness and the recognition of one of our longstanding traditions, the cuppa. A shared pot and the cup that cheers revived those women. There would be chat too and no doubt a bite of something home baked. Time Out is women coming together for refreshment, support and equality. The times have changed since Teapot Row, but the core values are the same. We need each other.” (Alyson Mayer)

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